Sun. July 26th, 2015 Continental Divide Trail at Gibbons Pass

We will get to Gibbons Pass via Hwy. 43 (Chief Joseph Pass). Then we have two options, we can do a “go as far as you want” hike to the north, or do about a 6 mi point to point hike to the Chief Joseph ski area south on the trail. Julie Kahl, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Trip Proposal - SWAN PEAK (9,289'), Saturday, August 1, 2015

Distance: 11-12 miles RT

Class: 3-4 (the last part to the summit)

Vertical: c. 5,250'

Equipment needed: Good boots, scrambling expertise

Description: The second highest mountain in the Swan Range, but its most grand peak of all, this summit throws up its formidable walls at the end of long Squeezer Creek valley. What adds to Swan's mystique is the lack of detailed, published accounts of how to climb it, leaving one to glean through a few trip reports and occasional news articles and blog posts.

We all owe a debt to James Valentine for maintaining the Squeezer Creek path that leads up this otherwise formidable valley to the slopes of the peak. I haven't yet gotten word from him of how the trail is this year, but I assume it is in decent condition. We'll park at wherever we find ourselves along the approach road, walk the path, and then forge straight up 4,000 vertical feet past the two Squeezer Lakes, to the final pitch to the summit from the interesting hanging valley below it. From what I hear, this last pitch is Class 3-4.

It'll be an arduous day, perhaps not as much as with McDonald Peak, but it's basically a gradual long trek in, and then one huge "stairway slope" of 4,000 feet. All partners should have good stamina and scrambling skills. On the top, our reward will be unparalleled views of the Bob and the Swan Glacier below, and a sense of well-earned accomplishment at having scaled one of Montana's most significant "unpublished" peaks.

Leader: Dan Saxton -


Trip proposal: Sunday, August 2

I'll head to Morrell Mountain, 8161'. It's about a mile and 600' up from the last saddle before the lookout. If people want more it's about another mile to the line of peaks around Blind Canyon, but I'm not sure how much my old joints will let me do. We can also visit the lookout and get refreshments in Seeley Lake before heading home. I have mixed emotions about the peaks around Blind Canyon - come along and I'll tell the story. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or facebook e mail.