Trip Proposal - Saturday, August 15, 2015 - GOAT MOUNTAIN (9,283') AND RACETRACK PEAK (9,522') RAMBLE

Distance: 11 miles

Elevation Gain: Approx. 3,500'

Class: 2

Description: I've heard this is one of the nicest ridges in the Flint Creeks, so I'd like to check it out. It's also a pretty tame cross-country hike along old mining roads, through open woods, and grassy/slightly rocky ridgelines. We'll drive up the road from Maxville past Princeton and see how far up we get with 4wd, then do a loop hike from there over Goat Mountain to Racetrack Peak and descend one of Racetrack's ridges back to the mining road. If we have more time, we can go a bit further south and check out the area around the Powell Mine. Hopefully all this exciting weather won't mess up the roads and woods between now and then!

I need to be back in Missoula at about 5:30pm, so an early start will be needed - on the trail no later than 7:30-8. The cross-country is easy, but be sure you can walk at an active pace across it. A good day to stretch your legs without anything too terribly challenging, and the weather should be clear after this turbulent period!

Leader: Dan Saxton -

Map:… (assumes we can't get too far with 4wd, so the hike could be shorter than this)